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How to find the installed components of an Oracle database

Posted by Jay on July 22, 2011

We often need to check the features installed in our database for various reasons such as complying licensing, audit report and so on. There are different ways to find the it and the same it listed below

There are various ways to know which options are installed on your oracle database. Below is some.


We can use DBA_REGISTRY view mostly to find out the components installed with it’s status
15:05:35 SQL> set line 200;
15:05:48 SQL> set pagesize 9999;
15:05:48 SQL> col COMP_ID format a15;
15:05:52 SQL> col COMP_NAME format a50;
15:05:55 SQL> select COMP_ID,COMP_NAME,STATUS from dba_registry;
15:05:34 SQL> /

COMP_ID         COMP_NAME                                          STATUS
————— ————————————————– ———–
EM                      Oracle Enterprise Manager                          VALID
SDO                     Spatial                                                                  VALID
ORDIM               Oracle interMedia                                      VALID
AMD                    OLAP Catalog                                                  VALID
XDB                      Oracle XML Database                                    VALID
CONTEXT           Oracle Text                                                 VALID
EXF                       Oracle Expression Filter                               VALID
RUL                      Oracle Rules Manager                                    VALID
OWM                    Oracle Workspace Manager                       VALID
ODM                    Oracle Data Mining                                    VALID
CATALOG         Oracle Database Catalog Views           VALID
CATPROC         Oracle Database Packages and TypesVALID
JAVAVM          JServer JAVA Virtual Machine                       VALID
XML             Oracle XDK                                         VALID
CATJAVA         Oracle Database Java Packages                      VALID
APS             OLAP Analytic Workspace                            VALID
XOQ             Oracle OLAP API                                    VALID

17 rows selected.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.01

2. Using v$option:
We can use v$option to view the components installed, this view is useful to list the Oracle components installed to the database
15:06:00 SQL> set line 200;
15:07:59 SQL>  set pagesize 9999;
15:08:02 SQL> select * from v$option;
15:08:11 SQL>  select * from v$option order by parameter;

PARAMETER                                                        VALUE
—————————————————————- —————————————————————-
Advanced replication                                             TRUE
Application Role                                                 TRUE
Backup Encryption                                                TRUE
Bit-mapped indexes                                               TRUE
Block Change Tracking                                            TRUE
Block Media Recovery                                             TRUE
Change Data Capture                                              TRUE
Coalesce Index                                                   TRUE
Connection multiplexing                                          TRUE
Connection pooling                                               TRUE
Data Mining                                                      TRUE

3. From OUI:
We can also use the  OUI (./runInstaller or setup.exe according to the OS) in the path $ORACLE_HOME/Db_1/oui/bin to find the list of the Oracle components installed to the database


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